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What is the Esoteric?

The esoteric mainly deals with a wide range of subject-matters that are outside of normal day-to-day ideas, understandings and dogma. Topics including cosmology, cosmogony, ontology, metaphysics, the occult etc., are among the lines of what is considered esoteric. Another way of saying esoteric is to say inner-knowledge or knowledge (usually) attained from within, whereas the exoteric is outer-knowledge, or knowledge attained externally.

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When dealing with inner-knowledge, this has to do with connecting with the most sacred aspects of our being – the part of our being that knows the truth to all things. But how can we be sure we are dealing with truth in moments of meditative-contemplation? This can be daunting for some people, who do not understand or know how to use reason. That’s right, reason. There is a major difference between using reason as opposed to using meditation techniques. The process of correct reasoning involves brain-concentration on a subject-matter to such degree that one actually figures out all there is to know about said subject, problem, challenge or whatever the case may be. Whereas meditation on the other hand, is an inactive state of brain activity, that merely brings stillness to your being.

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