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Life entails growth, and growth is the inevitable result of learning: the three are essentially inseparable. The process of growth ushers us into maturity, enabling us to think prudently, and hence, follow the path of wise decision making. Growth, we must note, has its specific requirements. It demands that we bypass the trap of intransigence, which restricts us from ascending to the mountain’s peak, that superior vantage point that offers a more comprehensive view. Wayne Dyer said, “If we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.” In other words, when you adjust your perspective on something, that thing, to you, changes because you now see it differently. We dare add that when one changes the position from which one observes any situation, person or phenomenon, fresh and new perspectives await. Each new perspective adds to and reinforces our knowledge base, thus initiating change. And sometimes the most miniscule of changes is all we need to sustain the growth process. Whether or not we actually learn and grow depends first upon our accuracy of perception and second, our willingness to yield to insight.

My wife and I have always relished the invaluable contributions of great thinkers. We have come to understand that deep thinking involves several complex processes: observing, analyzing, synthesizing, questioning, contradicting, comparing, contrasting and arriving at conclusions – however temporary they may prove to be. The thoughts within this book were derived chiefly through observing, listening to and reading stimulating information, interacting with significant others, and even accommodating arbitrary discussions with strangers.

Until very recent, we had never seriously considered writing a book for various reasons- our perception of the process as a daunting and onerous task being the principal one. Added to that, the intimidating fear of venturing into the unfamiliar threatened to halt us- and it nearly did. Nonetheless, we prodded ourselves to at least begin to document our thoughts. Still, during this embryonic stage, the notion of actually publishing remained a remote one, but a nagging sense of obligation compelled us to share whatever we have. No doubt, the experience was challenging, yet insightful and rewarding. To us, it reinforced the proverbial saying of the Tao Te Ching: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” We bravely made that initial step, the catalyst that propelled us to completion.

Our quest is to attempt to impart what we have learned, with the hope that you, our reader, will glean some life-impacting truth. We also aspire to encourage expansive, divergent thinking. Finally, and most importantly, we anticipate that this humble endeavor will contribute in some way toward the shaping of a better world and subsequently, a better future.

You will find that this book allows for wide-range application because it addresses a multiplicity of popular and pertinent themes such as growth, love, success, wisdom, confidence and many others. Some sayings may assume a didactic role; others are inspirational, philosophical, and even hypothetical. In addition, it contains other inspirational pieces and a thought-provoking theory on the origin of evil.

Our thoughts are not meant to be dogmatic impositions, neither are they restricted to a singular perspective. We are cognizant that each word, phrase and thought lends itself to the individual’s private construal. In fact, you may discover a gem of meaning that eluded us, or your interpretation may disclose a message that contradicts that of the authors’ intent. Either way, we support objective thinking, and therefore appreciate the reality that a variety and seemingly opposing viewpoints are inevitable. For us, the Law of Opposition indicates that our perspectives qualify enough to elicit intellectual responses and stimulate interest. William Hazlitt hypothesized, “When a thing ceases to be a subject of controversy, it ceases to be a subject of interest.” This statement presumes that we, as humans, are essentially controversial; we appreciate and engage controversy; and we develop indifference to issues that have ceased to stimulate the intellect. In short, we are rational beings capable of generating our own views, but we must also observe the Law of Balance.

Notwithstanding, we encourage you to make the greatest effort to internalize whatever truth is found within, for the interpretation that fosters positivity, is the benefit that will be your treasure.

Excerpt from “Life Guide”, by Ryan and Ganel Holder

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